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Windows 10 Pro: Important Features You Should Know

Windows 10 Pro offers some additional features that aren’t available with Windows 10 Home. It has enterprise mode, which allows you to use advanced security tools such as BitLocker encryption to safeguard your data from theft and hardware failure. This feature is available to administrators who have access to the system. Remote desktop connectivity is accessible to employees so that they can access their work desktops from any computer regardless of permissions not given. This is useful when one person requires assistance and the other cannot respond in a timely manner.

Assigned Access

It’s possible to establish an environment with a lock-down feature that grants employees access to only those programs they want. You could also use this method if you suspect that somebody has been accessing files with no permission on their device and you’re looking to remove any possible leaks to limit who is able to see what goes inside corporate networks. Assigned Access was therefore created.


Use encryption software to guard your files against hackers. Windows 10 Pro offers a upgraded version that makes sure that each file can be encrypted and decrypted using an individual key. This makes it impossible for anyone other than you (or an individual with access) to access the information the file.

Domain Join

The operating system provides a range of features that are great for business, like Domain Join. With just one mouse click, you can connect computers and workstations onto an already strong network for your business. If your organization employs Microsoft accounts rather than local users accounts, there won’t be a way to allow users to join Windows 10 Home Edition without first changing their settings online.

Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer

Enterprises are now able to enjoy Enterprise Mode on their devices running Windows 10. This mode allows websites to render using the modified settings for browsers. It mimics IE 7/8 but has certain limitations, but it’s perfect for those who require the old compatibility.

Group Policy Management

Windows 10 has Group Policy support. It is a straightforward option for system administrators as well as users to modify settings on their PCs. More advanced users may also use this feature if they would like to have changes automatically applied when logging into that specific machine or even just anytime before then.


Microsoft’s operating systems come with powerful features like virtualization. Hyper-V used to be only accessible only in Windows Server editions. Personal PCs without this capability were limited and required to be updated. However, it now is available in all versions. It’s essential that your computer can run virtual machines in addition to having enough processing power (which some newer models come with).

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is run on Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home. However, if you require hosting an inbound session with your server and don’t have an Windows 10 Pro PC this will not work.

Trusted Boot

The most recent version of Windows 10 is designed to ensure that your computer has all the necessary software and drivers installed before it begins. This is done with Secure Boot, which checks for malware and other undesirable programs during load-up; and then there’s Trusted boot, which lets vendors like Lenovo are taking it a step further by checking their software updates while you boot up.

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