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Ways To Enjoy A Desert Safari

It is possible to create an exciting safari out of the deserts. There are many activities and adventures to pick from, such as camel riding, camel riding quad biking or sandboarding through the sandy landscapes. You might even get the opportunity to experience traditional activities such as henna tattoos using falconry right outside the front door of your campsite.

While there are many ways you can experience the desert’s brutality, nighttime safaris could be the most effective. The temperatures are never higher than 55°C and there’s no sun exposure.

You can have a perfect safari if you prepare properly. You will have a memorable experience in one the last great wildernesses on Earth If you are prepared for these points prior to going. Here are some tips to make it more fun.

Comfortable Clothes

The best way to prepare for a desert safari is by wearing lightweight, comfortable clothing that is lightweight and loose. This means items such as cotton shirts, pants, or shorts, as well as flip-flops/open shoes so you can avoid getting sand inside your changed footwear when you are doing activities where this would be an issue like hiking in rough terrain with deep dunes close to the campsite where we’ll stay overnight! It’s hot out so avoid wearing too much jewelry. But, sunscreen is a must particularly if you spot storm clouds approaching the area as we walk through the area prior to dinner.

When selecting clothes take into consideration what you will be wearing. For example when a ride on a camel is likely to take up most of your time, then it’s best not to wear anything that would get in the way or discomfort yourself during long periods with no movement.

Pay Attention To The Instructors

Desert safaris are an a great opportunity to go out and discover. Although this is one of the most adventurous tours that you can go on, it’s not impossible. You will be driving down steep hills in the dune-bashing session. Everyone should pay attention to their driver or guide, and pay attention attentively before proceeding. There could still be dangerous rocks under loose sand, which could cause an accident.

It is important to pack the appropriate supplies

There’s no need to carry much with you on a desert safari. It is recommended to wear sunglasses and sunscreen for the desert safaris. The sun won’t shine through these items however it blocks the sun. It also keeps sand out of your eyes while you look at objects that aren’t in the driving time. This is due to the fact that there’s no wind to move through the area. Whatever is absorbed by skin will quickly go onto the skin and becomes a sink.

Choose the best timing

It’s cooler in winter and there are less people. This season offers more chances to spend time in the desert and enjoy beautiful views of snowcapped mountains.

Take a camera

The desert offers endless possibilities and stunning views. Even if you just wish to snap photos in one spot for a few hours, there are many photographic opportunities within the desert. A extra battery is essential as the sun will shine brightly so bring your charger with you everywhere.

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